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Urology Associates of Dover, PA, offers treatment of all urologic conditions and has maintained their practice by offering the most up-to-date treatments in all areas of urology.

In addition, the practice offers certain areas of specialization, in which additional training and research have been performed. These include the following:

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We offer the Theralogix line of dietary supplements as part of a full range of treatments for urologic conditions.

Theralogix® nutritional supplements are recommended for use under the supervision of your urologist or other health care provider. After reviewing your medical history, results of your physical exam and lab tests, any pertinent family history and the current medications you are taking, your health care provider can determine whether regular use of a Theralogix® nutritional supplement makes sense for you. Theralogix® supplements are evidence-based, which means that their formulation has been approved by our Medical Advisory Board after detailed review of the most recently published scientific data. Once you order a Theralogix® supplement, your referring health care provider will receive a notification to place in your medical record. This will allow your treating health care provider to monitor you for side effects, interactions, and response to treatment.

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